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    Testing Instrurnents
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    • MAXX direct-reading spectrometer
    • XJL-02A vertical metallographic microscope
    • The company is equipped with a physicochemical center testing laboratory,with sufficient testing instruments and equipments.It can finish various physicochemical testsabc彩票平台注册,including metallographyabc彩票平台注册,mechanicsabc彩票平台注册,detection,chemical analysis etc.Main testing equipments and their functions are as follows:
      • 1、MAXX direct-reading spectrometer:for site and finished product chemical elements measurement.
      • 2、Analyzer ONH-2000: control and analysis for[O],[N]and[H]before HT or finished product.
      • 3abc彩票平台注册、Nulti-LatceloXV21IEI oxygen analyzer:for on-line measuring oxygen content in molten steel.
      • 4abc彩票平台注册、XJl-02A vertical metallographic microscope:for metal material metallographic testing.
      • 5abc彩票平台注册、HB-3000 Brinell hardness tester:for measuring Brinell hardness of metal material.
      • 6、SK2-2.5 13TS double-tube high-temperature carbon analyzer:for measuring carbon and sulphur percentage in metal material.
      • 7abc彩票平台注册abc彩票平台注册、TG328-A(B) type electro-optical analytical balance.722S visible spectrophotometry:for measuring chemical constitution of metal material.
      • 8、 WE-600 hydraulic universal material testing machine:for testing mechanics performance of metal material.
      • 9、DUT-860 digital ultrasonic crack detector:for metal material(forged parts) ultra sonic crack detection.
      • 10abc彩票平台注册、 JBW-300B screen semi-auto impact machine:for metal material(forged parts)impact test.
    • Analyzer ONH-2000
    • WE-600 hydraulic universal material testing machine
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