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    • Arc furnace (EF FURNACE)

      The compay owns a set of arc furnace(EF furnace) with 30t of tapping.The furnace has the features of high power and low consumption,which can produce high-quality alloy steel of various types with low phosphor and sulfur contents.It can produce 50.000 tons of steel per year.
      Arc furnace had been the major production facility since the compay was founded.Through technical alterations from time to time in the past 25 years,the since and techniques of the furnace has been enhanced, and moreover we has purchased fining furnace(LF furnace) and vacuum degassing furnace(VD furnace) for matching the production with arc furnace,by which the improved and advanced casting capabilities have been formed.

    • Rfining furnace (LF furnace)

      The company owns a set of ladle refining furnace(LF furnace)with 30 tons of tapping.The furnace has the capability of further deoxidization and desulphurization for steel, so as to effectively lower the inclusion content in molten steel, saying hydrogen,oxygen and sulphur etcabc彩票平台注册,which can increase the pureness and evenness of the molten steel.The furnace has the features of wide applications, strong adaptability, advanced process,steady quality, and flexibility operations.

    • Vacuum Degassing furnace (VD Furnace)

      The furnace(VD furnace)can be used matching wish ladle refining furnace(LF furnace),and it has evident effect for lowering the content of hydrogenabc彩票平台注册,oxygen and nitrogen etc, for removing the inclusion content in molten steel, and for increasing pureness of molten steel.It is a most advanced production facility in current casting production field,which has great advantage for enhancing the product quality of casting steel parts and forged parts.

    • Casting
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