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      Zhejiang Tianji Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Fengqiao town, Zhuji city, which has strong economy and also known as “hometown of Xishi (an ancient beauty). Fengqiao town is a famous historical and cultural town in Zhejiang, as well as a place with strong economy. “Fengqiao experience” instructed by Chairman Mao was generated here and became famous in the whole country. The transportation here is very smooth: 25 km from Zhuji railway station, 180 km from Ningbo port and 80 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. The northern and southern entrances and exits of Shaoxing-Zhuji expressway are connected with various expressways by S24, such as G60, G92 and S26 etc.; It only takes 2 hours to drive to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and Shanghai.

    Established in May, 1984, the company was reformed into private-owned limited liability company in August, 2014 with registration capital of 54.1 million Yuan, total assets of 250 million Yuan and fixed assets of 58 million Yuan. The company takes an area of 70 mu and the construction area is 28,600 ㎡. There are altogether over 200 employees, among them; the number of middle and senior technicians is 36.

    The company has a production line for high alloy forging with annual output of 30,000 tons and rapid forging hydraulic equipment with weight of 2,000 tons and two two-arm electrical and hydraulic hammers. Besides that, there is a production line for high alloy forging with annual output of 50,000 tons and advanced external refining and high cleaning refining technologies, such as vacuum degassing. The main equipment are a high alloy forging furnace of 30t, a finery of 30tLF and a vacuum degassing furnace of 30tVD, which mainly provides forging blank with high alloy and quality for forging line of our company and some forging cooperation enterprises. The maximum ingot case is 26 ton.

    In recent years, our company has reformed from casting to forging and further development and processing of machinery manufacture and main products are: oil drill pipe, motor shaft, mil shaft, gear blank, bearing bush and modules. The weight of a forge piece can reach 15 tons and be widely applied in various industries, such as hydroelectric generation, wind power generation, petroleum, chemistry, automobiles, ships and mould making. The products win good reputation from customers at home and abroad. With the continuous development of high-end machinery equipment industry, there will be outstanding market prospect for the accessory industry which provides high-grade, precision and advanced products.

    Since the company has the special steel casting and forging history for over 30 years, the manufacturing process and experience are mature, as well as strong technology power. The company owns a series of physical and chemical testing equipment, advanced direct-reading spectrometer made in America, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen instruction, impact testing machine, metallographic phase analysis machine, universal material testing machine, ultrasonic fault detector etc., which can conduct metallographic phase, force, flaw detection and chemistry detection. Besides that, the company has established perfect quality guarantee system and won qualification of ISO9001:2008 and CCSR9001:2011.

    The company insists on the operation theory that “motivated by the demands of customers and pursue satisfaction” and tenet of “originated from quality and pursue innovation and development”.

    The company will struggle to realize the output of mechanical products of 50,000 tons, sales amount of 500 million and taxation of profit of 100 million Yuan. Supported by the strong regional economy in Yangtze River Delta And huge demand market both home and abroad, our company will make quality products and innovated management on the basis of heavy machinery and move towards large heavy machinery enterprise with high quality and advanced technology.








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